Research conducted on presence, behaviour of pink river dolphin in Rupununi

  • Posted 1 month ago
  • Nature

The Manari Ranch, Field Museum Chicago, and local field biologists, supported by WWF, have conducted the first environmental DNA (eDNA) survey to assess the extent of the pink river dolphin in southern Guyana.

According to the WWF-Guianas in a release on Tuesday, the first-of-a-kind research on river dolphins in Guyana has been carried out in the Rupununi region, and is a crucial undertaking that would provide valuable insights into the behaviour and distribution of this species in Guyana. By studying this species, experts and local communities would gain a deeper understanding of its ecological role, habitat requirements, and potential threats to its survival, considering its restricted distribution in the Amazon region. Additionally, the findings of this research can help inform conservation efforts and management strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability of this species and its ecosystem.


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