December 8 verdict in criminal case is executed

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PARAMARIBO – The period for submitting a request for clemency expired on January 8, 2024. The counsel for the convicts stated in a letter dated January 8, 2024 that his clients have renounced the intention to submit a request for clemency and that he looks forward to a conversation with the Public Prosecution Service. The letter reached the Public Prosecution Service on January 9, 2024. On two occasions, the counsel for the convicted persons was invited for a meeting about the next steps regarding the execution of the sentences, at which he did not appear. He stated the reason for his absence in writing.
On January 8, 2024, a team of lawyers filed a petition on behalf of the convicted persons not to enforce the sentences. to stay the implementation or. to suspend or suspend.

The Public Prosecution Service immediately responded negatively to this request. On January 10, 2024, the aforementioned team of lawyers filed an objection against the decision of the Public Prosecution Service with the request to review the decision.

The Public Prosecution Service again responded negatively to this. The Public Prosecution Service has now proceeded with the execution of the appeal judgments and the convicted persons must report to the Criminal Institution on January 12, 2024 as stated in the order to enforce the said sentences. The charge has now been issued to four (4) convicts. The housemate of the convicted Bouterse has twice refused to accept the aforementioned charge. This charge will be issued to him in accordance with the law.


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