Presence experiences a glorious evening in Paramaribo, with dozens of baptisms and a cloud of God's presence

  • Posted 3 weeks ago
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Next to the stage, on a truck - belonging to a local evangelist from Paramaribo - was a large swimming pool, which was intended for baptisms.

The Presence Foundation had a glorious evening on Monday evening at the Independence Square in Paramaribo. Hundreds of people from many different churches and denominations were on the field seeking the Lord Jesus and exalting His name. Already at the sound check, the audience was jumping, dancing and worshiping God. This only increased during the evening and Presence hopes and prays that Suriname will experience a spiritual breakthrough. “Suriname needs this revival,” says one of the visitors.

Independence Square is a square with a lot of history and is located on a busy main road. Besides the fact that the field was filled with about a thousand people throughout the evening, many passers-by also parked their cars along the road to participate from a distance. It turned out to be quite an event with a lot of publicity.

The evening started with a group from the rehab clinic of Tabernacle of Faith and Miracles in Suriname, who were brought forward. “We are not a high society club, we want to be there for the ordinary people that Jesus came for,” Wim Hoddenbagh opens. Brother Winston, a leader at this rehab clinic, led the first songs in worship. “Hallelujah, adonai!” he opened.


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