Opening composition. Speaking in patterns. An exhibition inspired by Alakondre

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Our society is a mamjo of diverse ethnicities. We have an alakondre structure and are dynamic. That is why I take the courage and freedom to base the design of the exhibition on this principle. – Dhirad Ramsjamoedj, curator and artist

The very special group exhibition composition opens on Saturday, December 9. Speaking in patterns in readytex art gallery. Inspired by Alakondre, artist Dhiradj Ramsamoedj, as curator of this exhibition, creates a unique arrangement of the works of eighteen artists affiliated with the gallery.

The interior is not a white box with neat paintings hanging at eye level, says Dhiradj. On the contrary, a dynamic composition is set up with the works of art on the walls. The idea for such a composition arose from what he saw in museums during his artist residency in Paris several years ago and grew further when he recently visited the Museum of Modern Art in Baku, Azerbaijan. In composition. Speaking in patterns, I give my own Surinamese twist to the impressions I have gained. I do it bombastic and out of the box. Dhiradj chooses many works of various sizes for the exhibition and plays with the space: parts of walls that are full of walls, large open spaces and works of art that are connected together like puzzle pieces. I want to create a pattern on the walls that draws the viewer’s attention to the alakondre language that our society speaks.

Will you also come and see and experience this new exhibition? Composition. Speaking in Patterns can be viewed in readytex art gallery from Saturday December 9, 2023 to Saturday January 27, 2024 during the gallery’s regular opening hours from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM and on Saturday from 8:30 AM. 1:30 PM.

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