New park being build at West Bank Demerara

  • Posted 1 month ago
  • Tourism
An artist’s impression of the new Joe Vieira Park

The Joe Vieira Park located, at Meer Zorgen, West Bank Demerara is currently undergoing major improvement works to create a modern recreational facility.

When completed, the 66,700 meter square (m2) park will feature Chinese-styled pavilions, a basketball court, football field, stands, table tennis court, children activity center, an open air theatre, landscaping works and water revetment, just to name a few.

The Park is located some 4 kilometres (2.48 miles) away from Vreed-en-Hoop, WBD and approximately 5 kilometres (3 miles) away from Georgetown. It sits right alongside the existing Demerara Harbour Bridge on the western end of the river. The location was designated a park on March 24, 1982, according to the National Trust of Guyana.


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