New Entry Fee regulation in effect from 15 january

  • Posted 2 months ago
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As of January 15, a new regulation is in force for the Entry Fee, which offers people access to Surinamese territory. Travelers will now have to show their Entry Fee voucher at the check-in desk in the country from which they are departing to Suriname. As of January 15, 2024, travelers who are required to pay the Entry Fee must pay it prior to their trip to Suriname via the online application of VFS Global Suriname. From the introduction of the Entry Fee scheme, people could simply travel to Suriname and show proof of payment at the immigration desk.

Luziano Truideman, Director of General Management and Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation (BIBIS), clarifies the new arrangement: “This is due to the fact that we have noticed that travelers often use their Entry Fee voucher – when they arrived in Suriname and they were at the check-in desk – they didn’t have them with them. And you cannot send the travelers back.” Director Truideman says that they were then given the opportunity to travel to Paramaribo and purchase their voucher through the system or from the ministry of BIBIS. However, this process brought inconvenience. The ministry has therefore decided to now let travelers demonstrate their Entry Fee voucher prior to their trip to Suriname. “It is not an obligation, but rather helping the passengers,” emphasizes director Truideman.

He explains that the Entry Fee is proof of payment to visit Suriname visa-free. You will be charged USD 25 or Euro 25 for this for the USD and Euro countries respectively. This scheme was introduced in July 2022 as a measure to stimulate passenger traffic to Suriname. “The measure has done just that,” says director Truideman. He explains numerically that after the lifting of the corona or entry restrictions, more people are steadily coming to Suriname. “In 2022, we had the introduction of Entry Fee. Then we went to 108,000 people who used the system and purchased such an Entry Fee voucher.” The BIBIS director says that at the end of September this year the number was already 108,000. He expects that 150,000 to 160,000 people will have taken advantage of this scheme by the end of the year.

Director Truideman says that the ministry is working to resolve the teething problems as much as possible with minimal obstacles for passengers coming to Suriname. Travelers are therefore advised to plan their trip to Suriname well and purchase the Entry Fee voucher in time. The Entry Fee voucher can be purchased via the VFS Global Suriname website. Tourist visas, business visas and tourist cards can also be obtained through this system. The BIBIS officer indicates that minimum information is required for the Entry Fee: passport, name, date of birth and date of travel to Suriname. There are various payment options and the ministry is looking at more options in this regard. The voucher can be purchased three days in advance. “But it is still possible until the moment of departure from the country, because it is digital. You must have the Entry Fee when you are at the check-in desk,” says director Truideman.


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