Keep Suriname Green

  • Posted 3 months ago
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Why Suriname needs a new natural law – and why nature can no longer wait?

Our natural resources are under pressure. Nature conservation is important. Suriname currently has 4 MUMAs, 11 reserves and 1 natural park, which is a total of 2.138 million hectares of protected land, about 13% of our territory including the Tigri area. However, these protected areas are subject to a concession policy that has no brakes yet. With forestry and mining concessions that are absorbing more and more forest. In recent years, deforestation has continued steadily at an average rate of 0.06% per year. The bigger concern, however, is the degradation of the forests, or the quality of our forests. The more mining there is in an area, the more pressure is placed on the survival of people, animals and nature there.


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