French Embassy in Suriname and Guyana receive a delegation of chiefs

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A delegation of chiefs, including four women, from the Amerindian villages of Cassipora (Para region), Langamankondre (East Suriname), Grankreek (Saramacca region), Washabo (West Suriname) and Wit Santi (Para region), Kwamalasamutu (south) and Tepu (Trio region), accompanied by representatives of the VITs association (Association of Chiefs of Amerindian Villages of Suriname) were received on 17th October 2023 at the French Embassy in Suriname and Guyana.

The issues discussed included the framework law currently being debated by the Surinamese National Assembly. This text should specify the rights of Amerindians to their ancestral lands.
The issue of illegal gold panning and the countless damage caused to the immediate environment of Amerindian villages was also addressed.


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