Discussion of collaboration between VSB and Alcoa for Paranam Industry Center

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Paramaribo, October 18, 2023 – On October 16, the Surinamese Business Association (VSB) held an important meeting with representatives of Alcoa. The main topic of this consultation was the development of the Paranam Industry Center, a crucial project for the economic growth and sustainable development of Suriname.

Important Partners for Paranam

The concept of the Paranam Industry Center, owned by Alcoa, has attracted the attention of the private sector. The VSB, consisting of various Surinamese companies, represents sectors such as Wood, Industry, Transport, Tourism, Services and Agro-industry. This emphasizes the broad importance of a professional and sustainable industrial area.

Concrete Steps to Collaboration

The recent consultation between the VSB and Alcoa focused on discussing concrete cooperation modalities, including legal and financial aspects. The aim is to forge a fruitful partnership that will contribute to economic growth, employment and sustainable development in Para district and the entire country.

Key Sectors in the Outlook

The contribution of various sectors, including Timber, Industry, Transport, Tourism, Services and Agro-industry, will be crucial to the success of the Paranam Industry Center.

A Sustainable Future for Paranam

The development of the Paranam Industry Center promises to bring economic prosperity and a sustainable future for Suriname. Collaboration between the VSB and Alcoa will be based on the SDG agenda.


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