Dengue infections in the region are on the rise, Suriname must be vigilant

  • Posted 5 months ago
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Dengue is an infectious disease caused by the dengue virus. This virus is transmitted to humans by an infected mosquito, which is mainly active during the day. Infection with the dengue virus occurs when an infected mosquito of the aedes species (aedesaegypti or aedesalbopictus) bites a person. These mosquitoes can also transmit the chikungunya virus and Zika virus. Large outbreaks of dengue and chikungunya have been recorded in South America during the first months of 2023, according to the paho/who.


Dengue prevention is mainly aimed at preventing mosquito bites. Some preventive measures that can be taken are:

  • sleeping under a mosquito net
  • wear covering clothing
  • apply a mosquito repellent
  • clear/eliminate mosquito breeding grounds by covering or emptying water-containing objects. Such as old tires, empty buckets, flower pots, etc.


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