Brazilian delegation in Suriname regarding the introduction of sustainable acai agriculture

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Acaï, better known as podosiri, has enormous market potential. In recent years, demand for podosiri products has increased worldwide due to greater awareness of their health benefits. A Brazilian delegation consisting of acai experts is currently on an orientation visit to Suriname in connection with a project regarding the introduction of sustainable acai agriculture. This project falls within a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV), the Ministry of Regional Development and Sports (ROS) and the Brazilian Cooperative Agency (ABC) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. Work will be done to strengthen capacity through training in the cultivation of podosiri with points of interest such as the preparation of plant material, soil conditions, fertilization, common diseases and pests and the processing of this product.

This orientation visit started on Monday, February 5, at the Ministry of LVV with presentations provided by the Center for Agricultural Research in Suriname (CELOS) and the Brazilian team, after which a visit was made to a podosiri processor. During this week the delegation will visit various stakeholders and podosiri plantations, including the Alliance planting of Brazilian dwarf podosiri. Based on the findings during this orientation, adapted training courses based on Surinamese insights will be provided in the coming period.

Until recently, Podosiri was mainly harvested in Suriname from trees growing naturally in the forest. Since the harvest in this way was limited while demand increased, they started planting areas with podosiri plants. This created a need for knowledge enrichment regarding its cultivation, to which the Ministry of LVV in turn responded. For example, LVV will focus, among other things, on the propagation of podosiri plant material and training extension workers, while the Ministry of ROS will work, among other things, on the development of agricultural production and the search for new markets for small farmers in the interior of Suriname . The Brazilian side is expected to provide technical support, coaching and training in this sector.

Source: Ministry of L.V.V


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