Border commissions of Suriname and Guyana will make recommendations on Tigri issue

  • Posted 4 weeks ago
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Minister Albert Ramdin of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation had stated to De West last year that talks about the Tigri area are on the government’s agenda. Since the Santokhi government took office, discussions have taken place in the context of the Tigri region. Documentation regarding this issue has already been collected. Ramdin then emphasized that the final reports would be submitted by Guyana and Suriname.

Ambassador Harold Kolader is responsible for this on the Surinamese side and, as chairman of the National Boundary Commission, is responsible for this. The editors of De West recently spoke with Minister Ramdin again and he said that Ambassador Kolader was also in charge of the conversations on the French side. “It has been resolved up to the Lawa River and now we are working from the Lawa to the southern point. The conversations are going well and there have even been visits to provide more clarity about this. We can get out of this quickly,” the minister said.


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