Another 2 pumps in operation on Wakay

  • Posted 3 weeks ago
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Another 2 pumps in operation on Wakay

The technical team consisting of technicians from the Energy Companies Suriname (EBS) managed to get one of the failed pumps in the Wakay pumping station working again within 5 days. In recent weeks there has been a lack of irrigation water in the Nickerie district. for agriculture, because one of the two working pumps in the Wakay pumping station had failed again. This posed a major threat to the almost 30 thousand hectares of paddy that have been sown in Nickerie this season.

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, Minister Parmanand Sewdien of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries left for Wakay with a delegation and a technical team led by Armand Bipat of the EBS has been set up to get at least one more pump running as quickly as possible. technicians got to work immediately and were able to start pump 4 within 5 days. Improvements have also been made to pump 1, which is already running, so that the pump capacity of this pump could be increased. It is worth mentioning that the technical team is also already busy getting a third pump ready for an improved supply of irrigation water to the various polders on the left bank of the Nickerie River. For a structural solution with regard to the supply of irrigation water from Wakay, this will still be necessary. 2 new pumps will be installed on Wakay every year.


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